back to the roots

Josh Ahn. If you ever get the opportunity to meet him the first thing you’ll probably tell yourself is ” this dudes nuts “.  A few years ago he had the chance to move to Japan, to  drive drift cars,  through the mountains, and experience the Japanese culture. Every now and again we go out and having seen his driving multiple times I can confirm he is nuts. The balls and no fucks is one to be inspired by.  The Car was originally built by the infamous Chris Scremmin back in the day, which is a fully caged corolla ae86 chassis, S13 independent suspension in the back, s13 front suspension, and fitting with a 500hp capable sr20det that was completely rebuilt to take abuse. having ridden in the car numerous times and trying to get it tuned josh always goes off about how it’s slow right now but it’ll it still will ROAST the tires in 5th gear. The car is Dumb fast and I couldn’t imagine more power. I seen the car for the first time about 5-6 years ago and it always had the right look, so much character. It is far from perfect but it has the character that you couldn’t just create out of the box and I’ve always loved it for that. Can’t wait for the car to be fully tuned! a hotboi loves to PARTY.

Remember kids, there are local tracks. keep the fun on the track.DSC_3623DSC_3506DSC_3601DSC_3595DSC_3604DSC_3633DSC_3629DSC_3609DSC_3637DSC_3649DSC_3611DSC_3660DSC_3596DSC_3627DSC_3509DSC_3580DSC_3510DSC_3605DSC_3603DSC_3575