Buick, a bit rough.

      So I guess about month ago or so Benny, Stefano or I found this Buick up for sale on the local market place (actually don’t know who specifically found it hahahha, we probably sent the link to each other all at the same time) and for some reason it was a rare occasion that we had a few hours to burn. We messaged the dude and it just so happened to be down the street and we were on our ways after grabbin some coffee. It was the beginning of December, a foot of snow on the ground it was pretty shitty to be honest and fucking cold.  We took a quick look at it, all looked well and ended up chatting with the dude for a few hours while i’m freezing being dumb in stupid converse. fast forward a bit and Karl is moving out of his shop so what better time to spray a car then an empty shop with a big heater! Benny sends the message out and a few of us pop by and we go to town! repair a few rust holes, sand the car down and with some help of numerous delicious pizzas charlie lays down some glass! car turned out pretty dam good and I can’t wait to be rollin’ through the snow in a 1940 Buick, yes. Benny’s’ dream is to roll a 40’s car all through the snow just because. hope she snows soon! DSC_1189DSC_1186DSC_1176DSC_1128DSC_1133DSC_1149DSC_1163DSC_1156DSC_1158DSC_1177DSC_1169DSC_1171DSC_1153DSC_1184DSC_1135DSC_1166DSC_1165DSC_1160DSC_1168DSC_1203DSC_1212DSC_1145DSC_1142DSC_1144DSC_1152DSC_1210DSC_1219DSC_1217DSC_1226

buick or fuck off.

well this is why non of us are allowed to search for shit for sale because we always find a ridiculous deal on something that we just have to purchase… but what can you do, My brother picked up a really great shape Buick regal, 3 pump setup, 10 batteries, extended control arms, them “gangster wheels” the whole 9 yards. Although from afar the car looks like shit, the body work has already been done, frame has been painted and reinforced, a fresh interior is sitting in boxes and all the hard part is done, a quick scuff, paint and install everything and a summer driver here we come. hopefully Stef doesn’t just look at this one and forget about it like the rest bahahhaha,



serial bouts a final’

So, being winter and shit we often just don’t get together as much as summertime but Serial nine had a screen viewing of the KDF final bout video and had a big meetup! although i didn’t get any photos of us watching a short movie I got a few photos of the aftermath of Kris, Meek, and Neil doing burnouts.

and after looking at the photos.. fuck i should just photograph people hahahha,

lifes busy, but don’t be to busy to not have fun. DSC_1048DSC_1041DSC_1055DSC_1047DSC_1061DSC_1059DSC_1060DSC_1057DSC_1052DSC_1043DSC_1036DSC_1058DSC_1063DSC_1049DSC_1051DSC_1032DSC_1033-2DSC_1034