well I’ve been super busy this past week and well i haven’t brought my camera out because it’s nothing really to photograph. So I looked through my archives and was like I should do a post about engines because I had my phase where that’s all I took pictures of. some go way back when I was ” nodesination photography ” DSC_2287_MG_0176_MG_0188DSC_1818_MG_0184DSC_2272DSC_0102IMG_6382DSC_0106DSC_0159IMG_5938PPA_7264_MG_0157

keep it in the family,

So with the 59 it was one of those things.. it was for sale..  to me or Benny.. to keep it in the “family” and to me that’s a huge thing. For Munky to remember my words for all these years and to give me the opportunity was an amount of respect I’ve never had before.. everything ended up falling into place and I got the car but it still gets me out of the world of people that know of it and know him he chose me, it was one of the best feelings in the world. It’s still clicking in I own a 59 Buick Electra… let alone the one I’ve wanted for most of my life haha!.   I also had the chance a few years back to buy this 65 Impala we built back when we had this youth program named C.U.T .. it was short for Customs for Urban Teens and was meant to take at risk youth and give them something to aim for, teach them how to socialize, work on cars, and learn new things and quite a few people we had succeed. all the vehicles we finished were raffled off after completion. This one particular a single mother won it and she didn’t even want it so  it sat in storage for a few years and we heard it came up for sale..and as much as I wanted it I knew Benny wanted it more and passed the deal onto him and purchased it shortly after. which was pretty bad ass because now we get to see it all the time! I really don’t know what that has to do with the 59 but it’s a fucken sick car and every time I see it I take pictures of it. hahah DSC_9937

10 years and dedication

So the first time I saw this car I was probably 12-13 at a car show that my parents brought me to and I had no idea what it was other then it was the raddest thing i’ve ever seen. told the dude one day This will be mine.. fast forward 10 years and here it is.  I’m a unique dude, and have always had the weirdest taste in vehicles and this car was perfect from factory. If you know me you know I hate / despise dual round headlights side by side but on this vehicle they’re tilted.. which is the way i’d do it.. I also am not a fan of 4 doors at all. but YEARS ago, when karl was just a young lad designed and made suicide doors on this car and one day ill take a more detailed picture of it but it completes the car to a dammed.  There isn’t anything I would actually change as any other car ever produced… actually.. the tail lights need some love hahaha. but other then that I’ve never been happier with life and it’s weird.. I hate to say it but it’s like I found a missing puzzle piece. like i’m content with myself. I have gotten to the point of not caring what people think, i’m doing a lot more cool stuff, i’m being me, surrounding myself with great people. life is good and can’t be jinxed. DSC_9910DSC_9911DSC_9875


Serial snail mukus

went to go hang out at serial 9 and scg performance and well it’s pretty self explanatory, Neil enjoys touching himself, Serial 9 builds unbelievable boats and kris.. well is still fixing another engine for his skyline, new pictures.. same old shit hahahaha. DSC_9814DSC_9824DSC_9823DSC_9837DSC_9835DSC_9832DSC_9816DSC_9819DSC_9827DSC_9817DSC_9818DSC_9836DSC_9828DSC_9811

the Japhands lady


Every time I head out to Japhands kustoms I tend to have to go use to bathroom… either i ate something bad or my body is like Elio fuck you, empty me.. reguardless more so now then ever before.. you always hear this ting ting, bang, and such coming out of the living room in his house and having known his wife Kristina ( IG: ladyjaphandsleather ) has always been an artist, always had great ideas and the love for leather and textiles. From always having the coolest dress and jacket to the swag of having this go with that and just a really good ” fashionista ” you could say!  I’d have to say the last year or so she started doing leatherwork.. from cozies to wallets and now purses a lot more complex stuff and the outcome is absolutely amazing! The quality and attention to detail is outstanding! between her and Karl they could open up a business of their own! It’s always so sweet to see them two working together! From life in general to their own little gigs they are both so supportive of one another and push each other to do the absolute best they can! The positive outlook they have on life and live really shows that life can be great and you can do what you love as long as you put your mind to it.


cars of the BBQ

so annually the Acrophobiacs Car club have an ” end of the year ” wrap up show and all the proceeds go to the kids foundation. it’s a known thing that it’s going to rain.. But at the same time you know that a lot of people are going to show up. It’s always a great time, good people and cool cars that just don’t come out for any other show.. even in the rain. super weird but at the same time great! it started raining heavily on the way home … thank god for rainex for most of our vehicles haha. DSC_9810DSC_9771DSC_9803DSC_9793DSC_9772DSC_9800DSC_9773DSC_9789DSC_9749DSC_9741DSC_9733DSC_9731DSC_9726

shop rod with a bit of Zahh

well last night what a Cufluckle of a night. way to much stuff to do and way to busy to do the stuff that we actually have to do.. but always we got er’ done! we had to bring a pinball machine from my parents place to karls so adam could take it and half way there one of the main stainless trim pieces flew off into thin air and we had to go galavanting a  mile or so on the side of the highway to eventually find it only sort of fucked.. maybe ran over once or twice instead of completely destroyed … but it’s salvagable so that was good and then we finally got to the shop and testing out my new camera … finally went fullframe. everything just sort of fell into place and Gaelen and I made a deal and there I got it. I can’t tell if my d7100 was sharper or maybe its just the 24MP compacted into such a small picture that it gives the illusion that it’s sharper. .. although light is a contributing factor the colors and feels of the pictures that this camera brings is pretty nostalgic and the right feeling that i was aiming for. most of these pictures are right off the camera which in my eyes is amazing considering for the most part I usually spend about 2-5 minutes each to get the right look.  only time will tell. I have a week to decide. haha
today we’re off to MURICA .. so see what that brings us! haha.


… and then there’s Neil

so as well as most of the other people I hang around with now I also met Neil a few months ago and he’s a goof, an idiot, but means really really well hahaha, if I lied he would have known I couldn’t have written anything nice about him! hahaha. He is the owner of a small shop called SCG performance which not only carries a ton of aftermarket stuff but does engine work, and fabrication aswell. currently throwing an ls6 into his 1989 toyota cressida mx83! heres out little trip to rocky point ice cream. which was absolutely delicious.


The Fighters of the night

So the past couple of years karl, kyle and I have been vending swap meets rather then just purchasing stuff we sell all our old stuff to and try to recoup some money or just make room in the shop for more toys.. anyways today was the annual swapmeet after the big show and having been a new location I think it went quite well. although i hardly took any pictures of the swap meet its self The ” NightFighters” showed up and completely took my attention as I rushed over to look at their bikes. They showed up, parked got off and just walked away like a boss. kind of an describable feeling but I knew exactly how they felt. snapped some pictures and they went on there way.


Death Squad 666

I can’t say I remember the first time I met them, but they aren’t even death squad anymore so it’s been that long..  but once apon a time they were these couple guys that rent this small shop in ridge where I once bought a vw shop off a dude Lucas.. which is another story on it’s own. Death Squad, and I have always gotten along well and all had the same mind set and taste in everything especially food.  I mean though… what’s not to love about all you can eat sushi, or korean BBQ, or a fucking hamburger the size of my fucking head that you have to eat in 9 minutes or less. we’re all busy doing our own thing but we tend to have this spontaneous thing where we just meet up and hang the whole weekend, do some car things and then say fuck it… go all you can eat for breakfast.. and then mentally kill ourselves for being to full.. and then go all you can eat for dinner.. it’s just a wonderful time, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. and then theirs johnno.. but you’ve all seen him before. ahhahah. DSC_0087DSC_0093DSC_0055DSC_0091DSC_0075DSC_0095DSC_0060DSC_0066DSC_0068DSC_0069DSC_0080DSC_0056DSC_0058DSC_0053DSC_0052DSC_0002DSC_0009