a walk across the lane, SerialNine

So I finally took the opportunity to take a gander around SerialNine. Always having the Bigger Sedans from Cressidas to Gs400’s They are a local shop that have been known as the “sedan kings” since the late 90’s early 2000’s. their style has always been unique, but out of this world exciting. I’ve always known of them… talked to them here and there, selling and buying parts but never just hung out until recently and now i’m glad to say I have! they’re super rad dudes! crazy to hear their stories and how they did it back in the day, the cars and ideas they came with back then that’s just happening now. definitely setting a new standard for the stuff they do.


unexpected outcome

last night we went past SCG performance and well… johno and I were suppose to be getting the cressida ready for the DUI trip this weekend but instead we just fucked around, filmed a bunch of shit and laughed our asses off.  I mean… i’m not complaining but tomorrows going to be a busy day! hahah. PPA_1886PPA_1891PPA_1925RTW_9981PPA_1889PPA_1896RTW_9975

Mooneyes christmas

Last December a few friends and I drove down to California for the annual Mooneyes Christmas party / show. It was my first time in California so I kind of took it for a grain of salt and had the best time I could have. you go ask anyone and they’ll say So Cal is a weird place, and a couple days in I completely understood. from the smog that I couldn’t believe was real to the 9 wide lanes of stop and go traffic which was actually horrible.  the car scene at this show was more of bring what you got rather then the Santa Maria Cruise in Nationals where almost every car was a show piece. it’s a big place, with lots to do. make sure you plan your days out lol or else you just spend the entire day googling what to do and wasting precious time. PPA_8015PPA_8228PPA_8053PPA_8121PPA_8126PPA_8128PPA_8139PPA_8174PPA_8232PPA_8194PPA_8214PPA_8288

someone said I was livin the life’

So not saying all of my weekends are quite jam packed but this one definitely was! to say the least. As I continue to write this blog It sort of  makes me think of the photos and way I take them.. a bit more differently then to “show off” more lifestyle…

So it started out Friday with a good buddy of mine Oz’ we took the bikes out for a ride didn’t really have any destination but ended up watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen this summer! and that was just the start. unfortunately I need to get a backpack to start hauling my camera on the bike but that’ll come soon enough.

Saturday My brother and I headed east to west Harrison to a place called hale creek to meet a few friends for a day trip. It’s sort of a special place to us because a good friend always use to drag us down there even in the worst of times and now that he is no longer with us I always see it as a place of freedom and that place you can go when you kind of don’t know what’s going on and just feel like everything is alright. That being said I’m probably the most unsentimental person you will probably ever meet. On the way back we went past SCG performance and Johno said we’re rollin down town you comin ? and I blankly said, time for an adventure, I got nowhere to be lets roll. nothin’ like a warms summer night in a 4 door vert’ it was life changing the first time we made one.

RTW_9884stefano ‘s 92 YJ on 37’s lowered 10″ atleast. Mikes 97 lowered 8″ on 35’s RTW_9890apparently beer makes stock jeeps succeed RTW_9903RTW_9888RTW_9897RTW_9913RTW_9915RTW_9920RTW_9922Cruising downtown and met up with Serial9 and went for coffeeRTW_9942

Sunday comes around pretty early as I got home around 3 am and Karl calls to wake up and he’s headin to Jones lake… me thinking it’s an hour away says sure and then 2.5 hours later we arrive at this lake after the shittiest FSR I have ever ridden on. It was quite beautiful haha, and got some dinner to boot! Most people would be surprised or confused about Karl and all the fishing he does from dragging the boat everywhere he goes like me with a camera, but it’s just another day with us.



chops a hoy’

       part deuce. last night I went past the Japhands compound again and well what more can I say then we got a lot done. went for a cruise in the hotrod down to the A&W and unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera because not only did we make a lordco pit stop but it’s already pretty tight so unfortunately no selfies with the rod but hey.. there will be some shitty selfies one day. Karl got the front A billars and B pillars almost done and all metal finished and well lots more to go.PPA_1840rough roof line how how flowy the rear slanted window is going to be. RTW_9878bee pillar all metal finished! RTW_9875PPA_1850RTW_9881PPA_1843PPA_1845PPA_1847Benny out here doing his mechanic stuffRTW_9883 

adventure to nowhere,

So last weekend the group of friends headed up to Cashe creek to go to their annual ” graffiti days ” which in all honesty is a mediocre car show with a bunch of rednecks… and then later on in the day shut down the town and you do a bunch of burnouts. which is pretty rad!

a bunch of good people, good times, and good rides. bahahah.

here’s a few from the trip! RTW_9799Same same but different. we kind of rolled in a bit late.. due to fuel issues… 25L shortRTW_9801PPA_1588PPA_1745PPA_1761PPA_1767stopped by the Alexandria bridge. If it could talk, the stories it would tell.PPA_1793PPA_1785PPA_1718PPA_1685PPA_1641RTW_9809

chop top, dirty thot.

So last night my brother and I headed over to see karl at Japhands Kustoms to help him, and learn how to chop on a 50 merc 4 door. one of the coolest dudes I know and there will probably be alot of posts about us there because frankly we’re there lots, and in 20 years when we look back at these posts from archives ago we can be like dam we were young.

some will say the chop isn’t enough, and some will say it needs a section, and way more body modifications like myself. but this car will be driving around a family of 5 so somtimes more isn’t always better.

PPA_1808RTW_9827PPA_1812PPA_1819precision is keyRTW_9833RTW_9830PPA_1824Karl making sure all of the body tape lines are the same ready to cut.RTW_9848creating the first coach built 50 Merc convertible.RTW_9850Top placed on and taking shape.PPA_1826

where will life bring the peperoni’s next ?

sunday daze.

just going through a fair amount of my pictures from my recent trip to California. whenever I see someone I haven’t seen in a few weeks or just before they left they ask me how my trip went, and all I can say is meh.. it was alright. The car scene was unbelievable and the people were super cool but california is over rated and it isn’t this unicorn golden city you have in your mind, or atleast not the last two times I went down. Next time I think east coast is going to be the destination. A few buddies i’ve been talking to lately have been super down to hang and show us around so maybe boston 2018 ?

anyways here’s some pictures from Santa maria 2017. it was a pretty bitchin time and I cant wait to go back next year.




Life as it is

So here is what i’m going to call the life with a Peperoni. it’s going to be what i think of certain things, situations and well what ever the fuck i want. I have a lot of shit going on but I do enjoy ranting so might as well do it somewhere where no one has to listen. I don’t know how often ill be updating this between Instagram and the business but eh, we’ll fucken geter done.
Last week I printed out my first photograph and I’m really proud of it to say the least, a million other people will have a million different views but this ones for the books. PPA_1630